4D LipoSHOCK is a unique technological innovation, combining several technologies into one safe and non-invasive system for body and facial procedures. This combination is the key to an amazing increase in the quality of the aesthetic results. Coaxmed is therefore a technological platform that guarantees absolute efficacy of the treatments: a real generator of beauty and well-being with a unique and exclusive design. Unique treatment protocols have been developed by Biotec Italia experts in order to maximize the effect of each treatment. Coaxmed identifies the various treatments depending on the body area (face, stomach, buttocks, legs), thus enabling intervention on specific areas with different treatment combinations.

The Innovation A complete method Uniqueness of treatment procedures Reliability of the technology Constant upgrade of Coaxmed technology Integration of products and services Marketing communication

Radiofrequency monopolar, bipolar and tripolar Microneedling Fractional Radiofrequency Combined Low Frequency Ultrasound and Radiofrequency Rhythmic vacuum Coolshape Coaxmed consists of a 350-watt Radiofrequency generator that operates in a frequency ranging from 300 KHz up to 1 MHz and a 28 KHz Ultrasound generator. Coaxmed system, compared to other Radiofrequency or Cavitation devices is extremely versatile, due to a very sophisticated software. By modifying the RF frequency it is possible to selectively develop heat at different tissue depths. At the same time the RF pulse can be modified, through the RF modulation (RFM), to boost patients tolerance to the treatment by pausing the RF emission. 

Rhythmic vacuum smooths out the skin to facilitate safe and efficient heat energy delivery, while a thermo-electric coupling tip cooler protects the epidermis.

Furthermore a cup-like applicator can be placed directly on the desired area to cool down the fat tissue to near-freezing temperatures. This results in fat layer reduction; the treated fat cells will be then flushed out of the body naturally.

Fractional Radiofrequency The procedure features the combination of radiofrequency, microneedling and vacuum to generate changes in the structure of the dermis to treat superficial and deep wrinkles and to fight skin laxity. Less painful and more accurate than the traditional skin needling roller, the microscopic punctures stimulate collagen production in the dermis layer as it breaks some of the blood vessels directly below the surface of the skin while the untreated tissue that acts as a ''free'' biological reserve grants a quick recovery and the absence of side effects.

Radiofrequency monopolar and bipolar The RF (radiofrequency) generator produces a signal of radiofrequency from 300 KHz to 1 MHz, controlled by a microprocessor which receives information concerning the temperature, and the energy used when in contact with the skin. The face handpiece emits monopolar or bipolar radio frequency which can be combined with rhythmic vacuum, and creates an even heating, hence stimulating contraction and regeneration of collagen fibers.

Combined bipolar radiofrequency and rhytimic vacuum Utilizes the principles of changing air pressure which stimulates the blood circulation, thus facilitating drainage, to reduce under eyes puffiness and improve all the radiofrequency effects.

Skin Tite In this application, microneedles penetrate into the skin (penetration depth is adjustable according to needles lenght). Microfractional holes are created on epidermis and dermis. Monopolar radiofrequency is emitted in deep dermis, inducing dermal coagulation. The fractional radiofrequency heats up the deeper dermis in 360 degrees around each microneedle tip for further collagen tightening and synthesis.

RF Shape Monopolar or unipolar facial radiofrequency refers to the RF being delivered by one pole or electrode on the applicator. Heating affects the superficial and deep tissue. In the monopolar application, a grounding or œreturn pad is used, placed on the patients lower back. Bipolar refers to two poles or electrodes on the applicator. To facilate safe and effective heat energy delivery a thermo-electric coupling tip cooler protects the epidermis.

Bipolar RF Shape With bipolar delivery the current flows through the tissue which is between the two electrodes on the applicator. Heating affects the superficial tissue only. It can be combined with Rhytmic vacuum.