Helios Laser


What Is Helios 4G Toning?

General laser toning uses only two modes (black/blue) at single wavelength (1064nm) that it takes long to treat pigments settled at various depths and the laser toning is not effective for some patients.

However, Helios 4G toning uses four modes at two wavelength (1064nm/532nm) that it effectively treats pigments settled at various depths. so it does not only reduce the treatment time but also increase efficacy of the treatment.

Away with long & tiring laser toning!

Now, fast and effective!

1st G-Black Toning 1064nm (Zoom Handpiece)

  • Treats pigment that has settled in between the epidermis and dermis using a general laser toning method.

2nd G-Blue Toning 1064nm (Collimator Handpiece)

  • Treats pigment that has settled in between the epidermis and dermis layer using a general laser toning method and treats deeper pigment than the black toning.

3rd G-Red Toning 1064nm (1064 Fractional Handpiece)

  • It not only effectively treats pigment settled in the dermal layer using the fractional mode a patented technology of Helios, but is also less painful than general laser toning that it alleviates fear of treatment.

4th G-Green Toning 532nm (532 Fractional Handpiece)

  • Treats pigment settled in the epidermal layer using the fractional mode, with less side effects.

What is laser toning?

Laser is irradiated on a parts of abnormal pigment to decompose melanin pigment accumulated in the skin and have the decomposed particles leave the body through lymph circulation, in order to get rid of the pigment.