• Treatment for Hyperhidrosis and Osmidrosis
    • Hyperhidrosis is a condition / disease which sweat are secrets more than necessary constitutionally or by some reasons, and such symptom continues for a considerable time. Can be caused by regulatory functional disorder of peripheral sympathetic nerve without any special causative diseases, or can be caused by other diseases like thyroid disease, infection, autoimmune disease, cancer, etc.
    • Osmidrosis is a condition which the sweat that secreted in sweat gland is decomposed by bacteria in the surface of skin and gives out the smell more than normal body odor. Osmidrosis may occur in areola or around sexual organ in addittion to armpit. The osmidrosis occurs in the process of decomposition into fatty acid and ammonia by excessive secretion of apocrine gland. Typically, osmidrosis occurs affected by hormone in adolescence and develops chronically
  • This technology is using Radio Frequency with high energy penetration, delivery through micro needle in special size, targeted to destroy sweat gland selectively without damaging the surround
  • This procedure is recommended for adult over 18 with primary armpit hyperhidrosis and/or osmidrosis symptoms
  • Shorter treatment time compare to other choice of treatments
  • Less pain
  • No incision and no scar
  • Satisfactory results