3E PRP is a patented, innovative PRP kit designed for rapid and easy extraction of highly enriched PRP

Innovative 3E

  • Easy
  • Efficient
  • Effective

PRP Extraction Process

Blood collection, Cap Combination, Centrifugation, Extraction

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) refres to the blood plasma which contains various growth factors that stimulate healing and regeneration in human body

Principle of PRP

PRP therapy uses the growth factors in plasma separated from autologous blood, eliminating the risk of side effect or rejection reaction.

Effects Of PRP

PRP reduces the time it takes for wound healing, which occurs in the order of hemostasis, inflammation, regeneration and remodeling.

Features of 3E PRP

  1. Easy
    1. Ease of operation
    2. Single centrifugation
  2. Efficient
    1. Distinct buffy coat
    2. Highly enriched platelets
  3. Effective
    1. Autologous blood therapy using growth factors
    2. Pain reduction
    3. Shorter recovery time

Advantages of 3E PRP

  1. Comfortable
    1. PRP separation process is simple and easy
    2. Highly enriched PRP can be obtained from small amount of blood.
  2. Safe
    1. Sterilized kit allows safe PRP separation in a non-sterilized environment.
    2. Airborne contamination is minimized in the process of transferring blood to the kit.
  3. All In One
    1. Syringe is assembled in the kit for blood collection and centrifugati on straight away.
    2. No additional syringe is needed for PRP separation.



Burn, bedsore, chronic ulcer, autologous fat graft

Plastic Surgery

Skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, wrinkle, acne, fat graft


Growth Factor



Platelet-derived growth factor

  • Induces cell prolifelration and stem cell replication
  • Stimulates oeteoblast proliferation and osteoid tissue production
  • Stimulates endothelial cell proliferation, angiogenesis and fibroblast ploriferation


TGF-b :

Transforming growth factor beta

  • Stimulates cell replication and production
  • Induces cartilage and bone tissue differentiation
  • Facilitates mesenchymal cell differentiation and angiogenesis


Vascular endhothelial growth factor

  • Stimulates the production of basal plate
  • Pericyte supplementation, angiogenesis


Epidermis growth factor

  • Stimulates epithelial cell growth
  • Induces angiogenesis for rapid wound recovery


Fibroblast growth factor

  • Helps collagen regeneration and recovery of damaged tissue