What Is HIPRO-S?

HIPRO-S delivers HIFU energy to SMAS Layer which is located between subcutaneous tissues and muscle. And then, make 0.7-1.0mm size of TCP (Thermal Coagulation Points) zone without surgery or any disrupting skin surface to stimulate collagen growth.

History of Skin Lifting

 Among non-invasive skin lifting treatment, IPL, RF, and other lasers have limitation to deliver thermal energy to SMAS layer which is actual cause of aging process. But HIPRO-S can deliver thermal energy to SMAS layer directly and make result of tightening and gradual lifting of the skin.

Make over 600C of TCP zone on SMAS layer by delivering HIFU energy.

  • By wound healing process on TCP zone of SMAS, regrowth of collagen and elastin are stimulated.
  • Skin lifting occurs by collagen regeneration process of Dermis and SMAS layer.