Powerflash - CPL

Why choose it?

Powerflash has established it self as one of the most effective machines for permanent hair removal. It exploits light energy to remove face and body hair in an easy, fast, safe and painless manner. The results are visible after just a few applications and are long-lasting.


  • Skin Rejuvenation

The special sequences of fast pulses are specifically designed for skin rejuvenation treatments; in fact these special modes on 590-1200 nm wavelength act as a stimulus for collagen production for an extraordinary final effect; a more toned, younger and smoother skin, and a dramatic reduction in skin spot and enlarged pores.

  • Acne

Its special lamp box that selects only suitable wavelengths, Powerflash is an extremely effective tool for anti-acne treatments.

  • Vascular

The intense pulsed light system adopted by Powerflash generates a photocoagulation effect with a wide range of applications in the vascular field (telangiectasias, angiomas, spider nevus etc.). When the treatment requires a higher level of precision, it is possible to reduce the irradiation area trough a special frame applied to the handpiece.

  • Permanent hair removal

Equipped with the largest spot size now available on the market, Powerflash is the ideal instrument for treating large areas in a short time. Its patented handpiece contributes to optimizing treatment time, thanks to its revolutionary light emission system that eliminates the need of interfacing gel.

Fast and effective treatment and complete respect for the skin: this is the powerflash philosophy. As a matter of fact, the special pulsed sequence mode offers the real possibility of applying high fluence values even on very delicate types of skin.