Vital Injector

Strong performance with innovative accuracy make the Vital Injector2 a highly desirable equipment for a variety of clinical settings

Advance capabilities

Now, Featuring with Detachable Hygienic-Filter Technology

Built with advanced hygienic-centric technology inside, this small but highly capable item effectively protect the system to use is safer and cleaner help you make reliable, confident treatment

Incorporating the latest technology vacuum assisted needle

Newly engineered needle delivers all the essential functionality to meet the clinical needs

  • Pressure release

Needle enables to inject all needles beneath skin and subcutaneous tissue-minimizing drug loss

  • Controlled dept adjustment

From 0mm to 5mm at 0.2mm interval, delivers customized treatment to accurately target sub dermis where most of collagen and elastin exists

  • 31G, 5 Pin multi needle

Provides dynamically faster treatment