Slimming and Shaping

This is a very popular program in this moment. Many customers want to have a slim and shape body with a simple procedure in a short time.

We offer both man and woman several safe and effective non-surgical procedures for reducing fat deposit and shaping areas of fat accumulation to promote a slim, smooth and shape appearance.

We combined both mesotherapy and latest technology to tone and tighten your loose skin.

The mesotherapy is used for reducing localized fat and cellulite that does not easily respond to exercise and diet alone. Using a natural ingredient, the mesotherapy will be injected directly to the specific targeted areas. It helps improving the fats, cellulites, stretch marks, body tone, sagging skin and aging skin in general.

The technology we used can break down the fats, promotes collagens and microcirculation and increases blood flow within the fat tissue and that will boosts its metabolism and elasticity of the skin by giving thermal energy that gets delivered into subcutaneous tissues without damaging the surrounding area. It helps the excess fat on the arm, abdomen, hips and thighs, tightens saggy skin, reduce cellulite.

Our treatments are very safe and have a minimal downtime.